The effort we put when baking cakes may vary. Some focus more on what is inside the cake and its taste rather than the cake decoration, while some others see only the outside part of it, without thinking a cake is for eating and someone will have a bite. And there is this kind of people, who make sure everything is perfect, from each and every ingredient to the right baking temperature, and the finished details of aesthetic appeal.

But, as they say (actually nobody says it, I just have to make it sound like a wise quote), not everytime the ‘gun’ and the aim go hand in hand, so the result won’t always be as expected. When translating this quote in culinary terms, the idea you have may be great, but your skills don’t always meet your aim.

However it is, if cake is what we are talking about, the result will always be hilarious. And the taste? Ehm, for those keen-eyed, don’t judge a cake by its cover, they say. But, you can always close your eyes while eating them if you want.

Follow me to see some of the most hilarious cake fails people have shared. From a misshapen laughing unicorn to tie-dye cake with missing parts, you are gonna love them, no matter the end result. A cake is a cake after all.

1. A misshapen smiley unicorn:

2. What the cake was supposed to look like:

The result: H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

3. This Grover from Sesame Street-themed cake looks pretty cool. Until you see the one below…

4. Without the first picture, I don’t think it would be possible to guess where was the cake below it inspired by.

Told ya!

5. The bright green lizard with scales looks pretty impressive.

But, not the red one!

6. Apparently, the baker of SpongeBob SquarePants cake slightly missed the mark! So sliiiiiightly!

7. Back to our cake fails. This one looks so sweet. Like figuratively sweet. As for the recreation… oh boy! It looks rather a blue-eyed cat.

8. Peek-a-boo cakes with misshaped ‘hearts’… Oops! That escalated quickly!

9. A pretty-layered rainbow cake, missing most of its icing. Can’t say it doesn’t look tasty, tho!

10. A celebratory tie-dye cake created in honor of July 4, which according to its baker, was sadly removed from the tin too soon. And here is the result: