Extra fat or the appearance of extra fat on your face is hard to hide

Our face reveals a lot about our diet and lifestyle in general – more than any other part of our body. Some people’s thighs say they are thin, even though they overindulge in cupcakes, and others have those stubborn love hands, despite all that time spent at the gym.

The face is like a road map that outlines all our bad and good habits. That means  in order to reduce the amount of face fat, a couple of positive changes to one’s lifestyle are needed.


Start exercising your face muscles

Toning and strengthening facial muscles is one of the best ways to lose some face fat. Start by reducing your double chin. This is one of the more noticeable and annoying features on your face.

Chin raises help you work on that double chin

Do some chin raises if you want that  double chin to disappear. This simple exercise only involves moving the lips. Begin by tilting your head in the direction of the ceiling. Then purse your lips like you would when kissing someone or the way a fish does it. To see some results as time goes by, you will need to do this several times.

Define your cheekbones and reduce puff with cheek exercises

The cheeks are another part of face where fats likes to settle the most. Start by sucking in the cheeks as you also purse your lips (yes, just like a fish). After that, attempt to smile, without changing the position of your face.

Full fat body lose includes the faces as well

Overall weight loss should be the first step when it comes to losing face fat. When you lose fat from your legs, arms and stomach, you should also lose some corresponding fat on the face. You should  see a positive and noticeable change in your appearance by doing this alone.

You can achieve full body fat loss in different ways.

Minimize the amount of calories you consume every day

Reducing the amount of calories and counting the ones you consume in a day will paint a clearer picture of why the food you are consuming is causing you to gain weight. Another way to look at it is making sure that you are burning more calories than you are consuming.

Research has proven that people who consume breakfast are slimmer than people who don’t

Since it is the day’s first meal, it kickstarts the metabolism process and gets the body ready for sufficient and steady consumption of food during the day.Consuming complex carbs, like a protein shake and oatmeal, are great starter meals for the day.

Sometimes your face is just bloated and you need to stop consuming sugars and sweets

Water is needed for number of purposes in the body, including helping with breathing and keeping the mouth, nose and eyes moist. But too much water around the cheeks and neck makes the face become fat and bloated. Start by getting rid of processed foods from your diet, like canned goods and lunch meats. Then, replace them with healthier options that are low in sodium like fresh vegetables and fruits and lean proteins.

Every sip of alcohol impacts your face – so minimize alcohol consumption

Unlike fats and sugars, alcohols goes directly to the chin and cheeks, but not in the foam of fat. Rather, it settles there in a way that can be described as bloated or pudgy.