Make your teeth white again without bleaching them with chemicals

In 2015, Americans alone spent over $11 billion on teeth whitening, including over $1.4 billion on at-home whitening products. There are plenty of products to choose from when it comes to whitening your teeth. However, most whitening products use chemicals to bleach your teeth, which concerns many people. If you want whiter teeth, but also want to avoid the chemicals, then this article lists many options that are both natural and safe.

Charcoal is controversial but it gets the job done

Yes, it looks terrifying while you are doing it and you will absolutely think for a minute that you were duped by a blogger into permanently staining your teeth. Then, you’ll rinse your mouth and brush as usual and notice that your teeth are not only white again, but possibly whiter.

This works because activated charcoal is a highly absorbent porous substance that binds to things like tannins that stain teeth and leave them yellow or brown.

Oiling helps you get rid of bacteria and plaque in your mouth

Coconut oil has been proven effective against the streptococcus mutans bacteria that contributes to cavities and gum disease.

Swish with a small amount of coconut oil for 20 minutes a day, preferably first thing in the morning before eating. I make single use size coconut oil pulling chews to make this even easier and do this while showering.

Make you own whitening toothpaste

Last year, I combined a few of my favorite teeth whitening ingredients to make a homemade whitening toothpaste. It only contains:

  • Pure Calcium Carbonate Powder
  • Non-GMO Xylitol Powder
  • MCT oil (I’ve also used this less expensive one with good results) or coconut oil

This combines natural calcium (a mineral that teeth need) with Xylitol, which is helpful for oral health, and MCT or coconut oil for a remineralizing, bacteria fighting whitening toothpaste.


  • ¼ cup Calcium Carbonate Powder
  • 3 Tablespoons Xylitol powder
  • ¼ cup MCT oil (plus more for thinning if needed)
  • Essential oils of choice (optional)


  1. Make sure the xylitol is finely ground and not coarse.
  2. Mix all ingredients by hand or with a blender until incorporated.
  3. Store in a glass jar and use as you would regular toothpaste.

Turmeric is also surprisingly effective at make teeth white

Another counter-intuitive remedy that actually works. Turmeric is known for staining things yellow (including cloth, skin and other surfaces) and it has even been used as a dye for cloth in the past. It isn’t the first thing you’d think of for whitening teeth, but it works surprisingly well.


  • 1/4 teaspoon organic turmeric powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon melted coconut oil


  1. Dip your toothbrush in the paste and brush teeth as normal, but instead of rinsing when you’re done allow the paste to sit on your teeth for 3-5 minutes so that it can do it’s magic.
  2. Spit and rinse thoroughly, then follow with a second brushing using your regular tooth powder/toothpaste.
  3. Clean your sink if needed. Depending on how absorbent your surface is it may stain if left to clean later.