Belly fat is not just unattractive, but can signal some underlying health issues that you need to look into right away!

On top of looking very unattractive, deposits of excess fat in the stomach area have a negative effect on a person’s health. However, discovering the underlying cause of the belly fat should be the first thing anyone must do if they plan on getting rid of it. Having belly fat can be the cause of plenty of contributing factors, such as physical inactivity, general weight gain, eating unhealthy diets and various other health problems.

A bloated belly is caused by bloating and flatulence due to some digestive problems

The treatment of bloated belly involves increasing your intake of probiotics and drinking more water.

A postpartum belly is what remains after a woman gives birth to her baby

To get rid of a postpartum belly, massaging the stomach area and exercising should help.

Alcohol belly is caused by drinking alcoholic beverages, such as wine and beer, in excessive amounts

These beverages have a negative effect on the digestive system and contain a lot of calories. This why it is important to drink alcohol in moderation and consume more vegetables and fruit.

Hormonal belly happens when your hormones are not balanced, leading to excess belly fat and weight gain

To eliminate a hormonal belly, you need to find a way for your hormones to be regulated and also make some healthy changes to your diet.

Stressed-out belly happens when you develop excess abdominal fat due to not sleeping properly and daily stress

The problem of stressed-out belly can be treated by increasing the number of hours you sleep every night; the recommended number of hours is 8 hours per night. You should also stay away from food that is considered unhealthy and minimize stress and the consumption of caffeine.