Most ovarian cysts go away on their own and you can also take preventative measures to get rid of them before it comes to surgery

Your doctor will use the “watch and wait” method to be sure if the ovarian cyst will go away by itself when you have been found with an ovarian cyst. Surgery is usually the last step, but in the meanwhile, your physician will prescribe medications.

You can take a proactive approach that is safe to get rid of the cyst while your physician is watching and waiting. That way, you can prevent the cyst from getting to the surgery phase and save a lot in medical bills.


Consume soy protein isolate, imitation meat and other processed soy products. They will throw your hormones out of whack

The compounds they contain have the ability to mimic estrogen.

Store or heat foods in plastic. They release toxins into your food

When heated, the plastic releases xenoestrogen chemicals into your food. Glass containers should be used instead.

Use plastic water bottles

These should also be avoided like you would avoid containers made from plastic.

Use skin care products that contain parabens

Healthy foods have parabens, but the levels are harmless. What makes them less estrogenic is your metabolic system, and putting them on your skin directly skips the metabolic process and absorbs them directly into your skin.


Consume only organic dairy and meats to keep cysts and hormones in check

So that the additives that cause the cysts to grow by increasing the levels of estrogen are avoided.

Use natural detergents to avoid getting harmful chemicals in your body that lead to cyst growth

Certain laundry detergents cause xenoestrogen chemicals to seep into your skin when you wear clothes that have been washed with them.

Use herbal remedies to get rid of excess hormones and toxins:

These herbs can get rid of excess hormone and toxins by minimizing ovarian pain, promoting healthy functioning of the liver and menstrual cycle and increasing blood circulation to the genitals.

Here is what the following herbs help with:

  • Black cohosh root: aids in alleviating ovarian pain and control the menstrual cycle.
  • Maca root: aids your body in producing estrogen.
  • Yarrow: makes periods come on time and alleviate pelvic congestion.
  • Milk thistle seed: promotes the health of the liver and hormonal balance.
  • Vitex (tree berry): supports ovulation, balances hormones and makes periods come on time
  • Tribulus: returns your ovulation cycle to normal.

If your are breastfeeding or pregnant, avoid herbal remedies completely.

Use a castor oil pack to dissolve the ovarian cysts and relieve pain incase it ruptures

When it comes to supporting the healing of organs and tissues in the body, nothing works better than castor oil. A castor oil pack is a castor oil soaked cloth that is placed directly on the skin.

Wondering how to use a castor oil pack? Check out this video!