Dr. Berg has created a video where he goes into why this one eating technique is great for weight loss. The biggest reason as to why is because it fixed insulin resistance which is a major cause for being overweight.

The eating method is known as intermittent fasting.

If you want to lose a significant amount of weight, you should be looking to eat two meals a day. However, when you’re just starting out, that can be difficult, so start out with three. It is still effective and gets you used to this way of fasting.

The best way to do intermittent fasting using two meals is to have one meal at 11:30AM and the next one at 5PM. If that gap is too long for you, eat at 4:30 instead, however, you should have the goal of being able to last until 5PM – it could take a couple weeks or a month.

Ensure the meal at 11:30AM satiates you fully. Include protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. The healthy fats are crucial for keeping you full until the next meal.

Feeling ravenous by the second meal?

This means you’re not ready for two meals a day. Go back to three and gradually work to reduce it to two.

Two meals a day restores healthy insulin levels and shrinks your stomach and belly fat. The 5PM meal should also contain a good amount of proteins, greens, and healthy fats to ensure you’re very satisfied. This will ensure you can make it from 5PM until 11:30AM the next morning.

Snacking and eating frequently are going to be the biggest challenges.

However, having the mindset that you can resist it will do wonders in the long run. Once you get into the routine of intermittent fasting (which may take some time) you’ll feel healthier, less bloated, experience better cognitive abilities, and of course, be losing weight.

Try this weight loss method out for yourself, just remember to be patient with it in the beginning!