Don’t know what a bunion is or how to recognize it? Here’s what you need to know

If you don’t know how to tell what a bunion is, it looks like a bump that sticks out of the big toe on the side. The big toe leans on the inside instead of forwards due to the foot bone’s abnormality. That bump on the big toe is because it’s base is protruding out.

Don’t do these things if you don’t want to make your bunion worse

Bunions can worsen in pain over time, even though they aren’t as painful at the beginning. A couple things can contribute to making your bunion worse by putting stress on it. Here are the four major ones:

  1. Shoes with crowded toes as a result of being too small or tight
  2. Pointy-toed or high-heeled shoes
  3. Long periods of just standing
  4. Symptoms of arthritis in your feet

Here is how you can treat bunions naturally.

Make sure that the shoes your wear fit you comfortably

Choose carefully when buying your shoes. Make sure that the shows fit comfortable without you feeling any pinching or pressure and that there is adequate space in the toe area. Do not wear any shoes that are pointy or that have high heels.

Protect your bunion and prevent it from getting worse with shoe inserts

By placing gel-filled or moleskin pads in your shoes, you can offer the bunion some protection. These pads can be devices that are orthopedic or arch supports that you can purchase over the counter.

This simple routine can alleviate tension and pain in your feet

You can relieve inflammation and pain by applying ice packs and then relax the muscles in your foot by following it up with a warm soak. Finish the routine with a massage as shown in the video below:

Maintaining a healthy weight makes sure that there is no extra tension being applied on your bunion

To make sure that no excess tension is being exerted on your feet and making your bunion worse, you must formulate an effective exercise routine and stick to a healthy diet in order to maintain a healthy weight. The excess tension comes from extra weight.

Exercises do wonders, especially the ones that make the tissue around the bunion stronger

Want to know what exercises are best when it comes strengthening your foot and are easy to add to your daily routine? Watch the video below: