This article was not written to debate whether coffee consumption is healthy or not, but rather to address how many people consume coffee in unhealthy ways.

I love coffee.  It is warm, comforting, soothing and since coffee “spreads liver qi” from a Chinese perspective, it can help to take the edge off of things in our fast-paced, stressful world.  Yet, many people consume coffee in unhealthy ways.

Below are some of the ways we can make coffee consumption as healthy as possible.

  1. Many people consume coffee that is not organic.  I lived in Costa Rica for 5 years and some of the coffee plants there are loaded up with toxic pesticides.  Pesticides feed viruses and bacteria in the body.  Pesticides also contribute to poor liver health and increase inflammation in the body.  Support organic free trade farmers and consume only organic coffee.
  2. Make sure you use filtered water to make your coffee.  Water from the tap has so many contaminants in it and many people still use water straight from the tap.  A great filter that can help you have good quality water would be the Berkey Water Filter System.
  3. Dairy based creamers are used by people all over the USA.  A staple with coffee in our modern is “cream and sugar.”  Dairy is one of the most toxic foods that can be consumed in our world today.  Growth hormones, antibiotics, cows being fed genetically modified grains, pasteurization, and legally allowed amounts of blood and pus in dairy are what contribute to it being a toxic food.  Not only this, but the proteins found in dairy, whey and casein, are so large that many people’s digestive systems have trouble breaking them down, leading to gas, bloating and other digestive issues.  Cow’s proteins were designed for calves to grow to full size within 2 years of birth.


Adding organic coconut or almond mylk is a good alternative to dairy based creamers.  I personally use organic dehydrated coconut milk powder.  It took a little while to get accustomed to, but I very much enjoy it now.

  1. Most sugar in the world is made from genetically modified beets, which is unhealthy and is covered with pesticides, containing no nutrients whatsoever.  It is a lifeless, toxic substance which research has shown is actually highly addictive.  Personally, I would not even use organic cane sugar. What I use in my coffee is raw unfiltered organic honey.  Honey has so many life giving phytochemicals and nutrients.  I would highly recommend using this as a sweetener over all others.  Organic maple syrup is a good option as well in small amounts.  All of the other artificial sweeteners are neurotoxic and should be avoided such as Splenda, Sweet and Low, Equal, or any other.  Organic stevia powder is ok, especially for diabetics, but I would recommend honey above all else.

Lastly, coffee is very dehydrating to the body.  At night, the body uses water for many purposes in cleaning and rebuilding.  One of, if not the first thing we all should be consuming first thing upon waking is drinking at least 16-24 ounces of filtered water.  This practice alone has been very helpful for many people.  Hydrate your body first before having a substance that will only dehydrate you even more.

By using organic coffee, filtered clean water, an organic creamer and honey, we can consume a much healthier version of coffee.  Little steps such as these over time can make a big difference for people in their overall health.  May your coffee be warm, tasty and healthy first thing in the morning!