Vanellope Wilkins was born with a heart outside of her chest. However, she has proven early on in her life that she is a fighter. She is the first ever infant in the U.K. to be born with a heart outside of her body and survive!

Naomi Findlay (the mother) went in for a scan when she was nine weeks pregnant. It was then that it was revealed her baby had a condition called ectopia cordis. It’s where part of the baby’s stomach and heart was developing outside of the body.

When the doctors found the birth problem, they advised her to abort the baby. She refused. Just an hour after Vanellope was born, she was taken straight into surgery where she has since been another two times.

She will remain in hospital until she has grown big and strong enough for her heart to be placed completely inside her chest and covered over with her skin.

While it’s a scary procedure, Vanellope has already beaten the odds. It’s likely that she will continue to fight on later in her life too.