Root canals are expensive and you can prevent them in a natural way with a treatment that has been shown to be 82% effective

When getting a root canal, the doctor drills a majority of your tooth and puts in some substitute filling in the places that he drilled. What remains is just part of the original tooth, and plenty of people would rather just have the entire tooth saved than just a little bit of it.

Using essential oils, oil pulling and other natural remedies for teeth can be effective to some degree, but using the following treat treatment has been proven to help 82% of patients avoid getting a root canal.

This allows them to save the entire tooth instead of having a majority of it drilled.

This treatment is called the ‘Padma Basic,’ and many Eastern countries have been using it for tooth health all along

There are different components that are combined to make the formula for the Padma Basic.

The list of ingredient include:

Costus Root Neem Fruit which has anti-fatigue and anti-viral properties

Iceland Moss which is a strong antibiotic and more

Cardamom, which has the power to improve blood pressure levels

Bael Tree Fruit, which has anti-inflammatory properties

Red Saunders Heart Wood, which has antiseptic properties and is good for blood pressure issues

This has been backed up by science

Better Nutrition published the study, which said that:

“According to a 2007 article in Better Nutrition, a total of 82 percent of participants in a study using the Padma Basic herbal supplement were able to improve to the point where they did not need root canal treatments or tooth extractions. The 49 patients took the blend twice a day until their symptoms had disappeared…”

Padma Basic is the key to tooth pain that you have been missing your entire life

The least the Padma Basic can do is help you manage your tooth disease by fighting off infection and minimizing inflammation to the point that you no longer need to resort to going to the dentist’s office and getting a root canal in the scenario that it cannot completely cure your tooth disease.