How to Understand Your Dog Better. Dog lovers will agree dogs are the best pets to have: friendly, straightforward, and open, and they don’t have that air of mystery that cats do. However, sometimes dogs do strange things and show body language we can hardly explain. We’ll tell you why your beloved pet wants to chase its tail, hump legs, and sniff other dogs’ butts.

-If your dog is sniffing other dog’s butt, it’s actually collecting detailed information about their new acquaintance using their anal glands.
-Before falling asleep, half wolf and half dog creatures nested by walking around to pat down grass, leaves, small branches, and other debris to make a nice sleeping spot, hence the habit to walk in circles before lying down.
-If a humping dog is not neutered or spayed and younger than one year old, this is exactly what the dog is seeking: some form of coupling. However, when a dog is fixed and mature, this behavior can signal a desire to show dominance.
-Butt dragging might be a result of that your pet is suffering from health problems, such as a tapeworm or problems with their anal glands.
-If a dog is injured (perhaps after getting their tail slammed in a door), they will try to reach their tail to ease the pain. Also, dogs that run after their tails can have psychological issues or anxiety.
-Dogs may tilt their heads as they’re trying to make sense of what they hear.
-First of all, eating grass may be a sign of boredom, especially when a dog is still quite young. Secondly, eating grass may improve your dog’s digestion and treat intestinal worms
-Leg twitching is caused by the nerves that are connected to the dog’s spinal cord.
-While howling might be passed to modern dogs from their wild ancestors, this activity is also most likely simply rewarding and necessary for dogs.
-While normally it just means your pet is waiting for a treat, sometimes staring can be a sign of aggression.