One boy walked into Dr. Ian’s practice one day and was completely unable to hear. The boy’s eardrum had been leaking and he had been experiencing a cold for three weeks prior.

He was extremely unwell. Dr. Ian found the root cause of the problem – the boy had fallen over about a month ago and bumped his head. His head wasn’t sitting on the spine as it normally should!

The kid’s immune system had weakened after the fall and he was left wide open to a bacterial infection which caused him to lose his hearing.

Dr. Ian used chiropractic adjustment to try and help the situation. He expertly cracked the boy’s neck into place and gave him a minute to recover from the initial shock.

Immediately after, the boy’s color started coming back and his eyes looked better. His mom couldn’t believe it. Her son was also able to hear better again!

Dr. Ian had cured the boy, right there and then, on the spot. The boy would just need a couple days to let his body naturally heal itself and he’d be back to his normal self. In fact, he came back the next day, and he was 100% fixed!

Check out the video for yourself below.