One man documents the effects of a high-sugar diet on a healthy human body

Damon Gameau made a film called That Sugar Film to discover more about what’s really going on with sugar. He uses his body as the basis for an experiment where he wants to discover how a diet high in sugar affects the human body. The documentary/film reveals some secrets behind the sugar industry and the it has also had an impact on how people perceive healthy food.


The results soon into the diet were shocking

The diet that Damon stuck to for 60 days was what’s considered to be healthy low-fat foods that were also full of sugar. After three weeks of being on the diet, Damon was feeling extremely low, lethargic, and his mood was heavily affected. Then he made a trip to the doctors where he was told he was starting to develop fatty liver disease. It took just 18 days of the diet for him to get this disease, in which time, he also put on 8kg of weight.

All of the sugars he was eating came from supposedly “healthy” sources

Damon had made a real effort to steer clear of things like ice cream, soft drinks, and chocolate to ensure that the only sugar he was consuming came from what people believe to be healthy foods. This includes muesli bars, low-fat yogurts, juices, cereals, and sports drinks.

The amount of sugars he was eating daily took a toll on his health

Not only was Damon doing physical damage to his body, he was also causing mental health issues as well – he was considered to be mentally unstable. Damon was consuming around 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, which is a little more than what the average teenager consumes. This caused him to gain substantial visceral fat and doctors also told him that if he continued, obesity would be inevitable.

Damon was eating the diet of a regular child

He was drinking juice, eating jam sandwiches, bars, and various other snacks which looked very similar to what you’d find inside a school kid’s lunchbox. Damon wanted to show parents that the usual foods they feed their kids are not health at all, and he was living proof of the detrimental effects it can have on health. The marketing strategies lead parents to believe these foods are healthy for their children – there’s a severe lack of honesty among brands and grocery stores.

The documentary was made simply to make people more aware of how much sugar has been added, to what people believe to be, healthy foods. There’s no need to completely cut sugar out, but instead, parents should dig a little deeper into how healthy the “healthy” foods they’re buying really are.