Mascara is a staple in many, many beauty routines, even those who aren’t huge beauty junkies with an endless list of products may incorporate on a daily basis. It’s fairly easy to apply, there are varying formulations and brushes for varying needs, and it really does help to open up the eyes a bit and draw attention to them. However, there are a lot of downsides too. Without a waterproof formulation, wearers can count on looking like a raccoon if they start to cry or get stuck in a rainstorm. And, everyone knows the frustration of sneezing while mascara is still drying and getting those black smudges all over a formerly flawless look.

So, it’s probably no surprise that when a new service entered the market that allowed women to toss out those mascara tubes and get flawless, lengthy lashes 24/7, many flocked to try out the new invention. Yes, we’re talking about eyelash extensions and lifts.

Business Of Fashion recently released a report that hinted that the lash extension trend wasn’t just a trend — it was here to stay — with some data highlighting the fact that lash extensions and lifts may soon overtake the mascara category in terms of purchasing. They posed an interesting question with the report — is mascara losing its relevance?

To add to the conversation, Cosmopolitan also made a great point, noting that a lot of the popular beauty brands on the market right now, such as Fenty Beauty, Kyle Cosmetics and Huda Beauty, actually hadn’t even bothered to release any mascara formulas under their brand. It just wasn’t something that they saw as a priority in the beauty world, and that speaks volumes (and length– get it!?).

Many people are hesitant about lash extensions because they’ve seen horror stories of women suffering from incorrectly or unsafely applied extensions. And, others have a bit of sticker shock about the price tag which, admittedly, is more than a simple tube of mascara. Then, of course, there’s the time factor — it obviously takes longer to book an appointment and go in to see a lash technician than it does to swipe on a coat or two of mascara in the bathroom.

However, the fact is, with extensions wearers are guaranteed to have flawless lashes 24/7, from the moment that they wake up to the moment that they go to bed. And, many women find that they feel so confident in their lashes that they feel more confident rocking less makeup on a regular basis.

After all, when your lashes look that amazing, who cares about foundation?

We have a feeling that the lash extension trend will just continue to grow — brands may want to start committing less time to mascara formulations!