This revolutionary invention solve a lot of the problems you go to the dentist for

Kazue Yamagishi is a Japanese researcher who has invented a new way for people to take better care of their dental hygiene. Her invention involves toothpaste that has many more uses that standard toothpaste products. It can work to regenerate tooth enamel while also being able to fill up crack and holes in the teeth!

This new toothpaste makes it easier than ever to restore your tooth enamel. It takes the main components that you find in tooth enamel but it comes in a liquid form instead, meaning you can put it onto your toothbrush and brush as usual.

Kazue carried out a variety of experiments before finalizing her formula

She carried out several experiments using hydroxylapatite, which is also commonly called crystalline calcium phosphate. This is one of the main properties that makes up a tooth. When you brush your teeth using this paste, the acid on the surface of your teeth becomes diluted. After just three minutes, the new toothpaste beings to crystallize and bonds itself to your natural enamel.

The incredible effects of this new toothpaste are being realized by people all around the world. It’s an expensive product, but it could save you trips to the dentist!