When it comes to losing weight, many people will want to carry out some form of research to discover the best advice. However, Dr. Eric Berg suggests that you take this research a step deeper.

Since you’re concerned with weight loss, find the most authoritative websites that have the most scientific explanations behind losing weight. The Obesity Society is one of the top ones in the U.S.

However, instead of sticking to what they recommend, Dr. Berg actually says that you should to the exact opposite!

The reason? Because their information is actually wrong in many cases.

Many of these sites that use scientific information look at obesity as a disease. In reality, it’s not a disease at all. It’s actually a symptom caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise. Obesity is not a disease that spreads, it’s caused by individuals.

One of the first things these supposedly authoritative websites recommend is to eat nutrient dense food. This is good advice, however, one of the first foods on that list is grains…

Whole wheat bread, for example, contains no vitamins A, C, or D. it contains a single miligram of vitamin B and 4-9% of b vitamins (which doesn’t include B12).

The amino acid profile of whole wheat bread is poor and it’s full of starch. In fact, it’s among the top foods on the insulin and glycemic index – in other words, it turns into sugar when consumed and increases your chances of obesity.

So, take a look at what these “expert” websites are saying, and do the complete opposite. You’ll be losing weight a lot more effectively compared to if you followed their advice!