Ever just been by yourself sitting in a quiet room and suddenly hear a roaring or shrieking noise in your ears?

People who hear this noise have a condition known as tinnitus, which affects 50 million people in America alone. It happens when someone has a ringing sensation that is not origination from anywhere outside the body. Usually, people with tinnitus describe this noise as ringing. The noises can be anything from hissing to chirping to whistling to other sounds, and can also range in terms of volume too.

Long-term exposure to loud noises is a common cause for tinnitus

Being at nightclubs or concerts, being around loud devices or guns, riding a motorcycle or working at construction sites are instances which are likely to lead to tinnitus. The loud noises trigger tinnitus when they permanently damage the cells in the inner ear. In severe cases, tinnitus can even lead to loss of hearing. Tinnitus can be caused by being exposed to a loud noise even once.

Even though the most likely cause of tinnitus is loud noises, there are a wide range of other causes. These include:

  • Ear infections and wax buildup that causes blockages in the ear and a benign tumor (in rare cases)
  • Some medications like antidepressants, sedatives, anti-inflammatories and aspirin
  • Aging
  • Otosclerosis
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Neck or head injuries

Taking over-the-counter medications isn’t the way

Medications usually aren’t effective and can lead to a wide range of side effects that are very unpleasant, making the health of the patient even worse. This is why we are providing you with four alternative treatments for tinnitus.

Studies have shown that acupuncture is effective when in curing tinnitus

Any acupuncturist who studied Traditional Chinese Medicine can perform different treatments for the different types of tinnitus, and these usually concentrate on getting rid of the “obstruction” that is blocking the channels in the ear.

It may take about 10-15 basic acupuncture sessions to notice any improvement. The acupuncturist will usually target some specific points on the ears and scalp when performing acupuncture.

Gingko is a herbal medicine that studies claim can improve blood flow to the body’s outer parts, particularly the head and brain

This is effective at dealing with tinnitus caused by circulatory problems. Doctors recommend that a 240 mg standardized Ginkgo capsule should be taken to feel the maximum effect. After 6 weeks of taking it regularly, you should start to feel relief from the symptoms of tinnitus. After the symptoms are gone, the dosage can be reduced to 40-60 mg per day.

B12 and zinc supplements are excellent for treating noise and age-related tinnitus, particularly in people who have a B12 and zinc deficiency

Zinc is the best treatment when it comes to age-related tinnitus, according to multiple studies. Consuming 90-150g for a period of 3-6 months works best.  Zinc may be consumed as lozenges. You are probably deficient in zinc if the lozenges are accompanied by a funny taste. But if the zinc has no taste or tastes a little funny, then you’re most likely suffering from a zinc deficiency.

White noise can suppress the constant noise caused by tinnitus, effectively reducing the symptoms

The effects of tinnitus get worse when there is little to no noise in the background. A white noise machine helps by simulating noise in the background, like environmental noises such as ocean waves and falling rain.

If you are unable to sleep because of the tinnitus, try using a machine that produces white noise and has pillow speaks. Makeshift white noise machines, humidifiers, air conditioners and fans are also effective at producing background noise when you don’t want to buy a white noise machine. You can also block out the noise that is caused by tinnitus using other devices like certain types of hearing aids.