If you need the air conditioner set to “just right” all day long, know that there are damaging effects to reckon with. These can range from annoying to potentially risky. Look out for headaches, lethargy, dehydration, and allergies. Air-conditioned spaces may also cause upper respiratory problems or even spread infections like Legionnaires’ disease. Here are the important side effects of air conditioning.

1)Dehydration: Dehydration rates are known to be higher in rooms that are air-conditioned. You usually end up dehydrated if the air conditioner sucks too much humidity from the room and you aren’t careful to hydrate. This can well happen when the setting is low and you’re feeling too cold to want to drink any water.

2)Headaches And Migraine: Another unfortunate side effect of air-conditioned spaces, especially if they are not maintained properly, is your susceptibility to headaches and migraines when the indoor air quality levels dip. You could also wind up with a headache if you are dehydrated as a result of being in an air-conditioned room or building for long. In fact, dehydration is an often overlooked trigger for migraines.

3)Respiratory Problems: Upper respiratory symptoms in the eyes, nose, and throat tend to crop up much more in people who spend a lot of time in places that are air-conditioned than in those who spend time in non-air-conditioned places. These may include nasal blockage, a dry throat, or even rhinitis.

4)Lethargy: Your air conditioner at work or home, designed to pep you up and cool you down, may actually have the opposite effect! Research indicates that people in air-conditioned buildings complain more of lethargy. In other words, the air-conditioning might be to blame for your unexplained laziness and sluggishness.

5)Asthma And Allergies: Air conditioning could make allergies and even asthma worse. While staying indoors in an air-conditioned space can be protective for some people who are sensitive to pollen or air pollutants, there are others who find their situation worsens with air conditioning.