Humans used to rely solely on herbal remedies to treat illnesses

Thousands of years ago, humans would completely rely on herbal medicines as they were the only thing we had to use when we experienced illnesses and injuries. However, modern medicine, that is now full of drugs, makes us forget how available herbal remedies are and how effective they can be. Wild lettuce is a painkiller that is often overlooked because we have so many other tablets and drugs that we are used to using. This natural painkillers grows all throughout North America and England, which makes it a painkiller alternative which is easily accessible.

Wild lettuce contains many sedative effects

Wild lettuce has been linked with alleviating anxiety, spasms, and insomnia. This is because it can relax the nervous system and help your muscles to stays calm. This plant can be used to help with coughs by calming the respiratory system and can ease muscle cramps too. You can experience these benefits by drinking wild lettuce tea on a daily basis.

You can also relieve muscle pains and menstrual cramps with wild lettuce

Wild lettuce has been linked with reducing the pain symptoms that are commonly experienced during menstrual cramps. It can also ease muscle pains and this is due to the numbing effects that wild lettuce can have. This is why it is often called “opium lettuce” because it works like opiates to numb you, just without any of the dangerous and addictive properties of real opiates.

There are certain ways to use wild lettuce to experience the best benefits

It’s advised to use dried leaves of wild lettuce that have been picked in July and August. This is the best season for harvesting them, but you can opt to use supplements of the herb if you’re unable to pluck them from your backyard. A safe dosage of wild lettuce is around 2-4ml tinctures that you can take three times daily. Alternatively, you could add 1-2 teaspoons of the herb to boiling water and steep it for 10-15 minutes to permeate the water. You can then drink this water three times per day to experience the benefits.

Certain people should avoid using wild lettuce

People who are pregnant, are allergic to ragweed, have an enlarged prostate, are close to going into surgery or have glaucoma should not use wild lettuce. It may interfere with the other problems that are going on, furthermore, by cautious when using it topically. When you apply it directly on your skin, it may cause irritation.


Natural remedies, like wild lettuce, are a preferred treatment method by many people

Natural medicines, such as wild lettuce, are a great method of treating illness and pain naturally, instead of turning to drugs and chemicals. While they may help the condition, they also create more problems to deal with – problems that don’t exist when using holistic remedies.

Using wild lettuce can alleviate pain symptoms and a host of other problems without causing a number of other issues. People can build tolerances to drugs and even become addicted. These aren’t issues you deal with when using wild lettuce. Also, it can be commonly found and ready to use in your backyard!