As consumers become more aware of the toxic effects of chemicals found in food items, they are becoming more careful shoppers and adopting healthier dietary habits.

Healthy eating as a lifestyle has picked up steam in many households, and it is a wonderful sign.

However, here’s a question we don’t ask often enough: Are foods the only household products exposing our bodies to potentially fatal chemicals?

The harmful effects of chemicals found in cosmetics and beauty products rarely get the same attention and unflinching criticism given to chemicals in food products.

There is an urgent need to scrutinize the labels of cosmetics and beauty products, the same way we do with our food labels.

Cosmetics and beauty products contain numerous harmful chemicals that are absorbed by our skin every day.

Cosmetic companies are highly unsupervised. They tend to label products “organic” even if only 60 percent of the fundamental ingredients are actu

ally organic, while the other 40 percent might be whizzing with toxins.

So, you’ll need to look out for yourself. Here are the 10 most toxic ingredients found in cosmetics and other beauty products.