The Doctors started off their show with some of the most gross viral videos that had been surfacing the web recently. They gave a warning at the start to warn viewers that what they were about to see.

The first video was of a man who supposedly visited a dermatologist about a cyst that had been on his back for 30 years! The audience were shrieking as soon as the video started, but further information made it even worse.

One of the people on the show mentioned how a cyst that had been there for 30 years would smell like rotten cheese.

The advice was that if you have a lump or bump, get medical attention before cutting it open yourself!

The next viral video is one that would help smokers to quit, for good. The video shows a man smoking and then coughing, however, it ended up being one of the grossest coughs caught on camera.

The guy threw up a white substance and the audience had no idea what it was! It turns out that it was extreme smokers phlegm that had built up. The tiny hair silia are what help to clear the mucus and phlegm, but smoking inhibits their function and it builds up. As a result, coughing the mucus up is something that smokers may experience.

85% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, the average male smoker loses around 13.2 years of their life, and a female smoker loses 14.5 years of life, on average.

Quitting smoking could help you experience more than an entire decade of life. It will also be a life of a higher-quality as you won’t have the health problems linked with smoking.

Take a look at the videos mentioned here!