The growth of body hair is completely natural and something that we all deal with in different ways. However, have you ever had a singular hair that somehow seemed to grow four times the length compared to the others overnight?

If you’ve ever experienced this, don’t worry, you’re not a freak of nature. Turns out, this seemingly rapid single hair growth is something a lot of people experience and there’s a simple explanation as to why it happens.

The hair on our heads grows much longer than the rest of our body hair, this is because the hair follicles on the head are programmed to let hair grow for years at a time. This is not the case for body hair, which makes it truly confusing when one hair somehow manages to triple in length out of nowhere.

This curiosity has plagued many and people have turned to Reddit and health forums to find the answer. So why do some single hairs seemingly grow freakishly faster than others? The answer is surprisingly straightforward.

Hair grows from follicles, which work in cycles. After a period of growth, where new hair develops, a period of rest follows in which the hair is lost. Some follicles grow for longer or just hold on to the hair for longer, which results in longer hair in some places than others. Every now and then, the odd hair follicle has a prolonged growth phase, but this doesn’t happen overnight as it may seem.


So why does one abnormally long rogue hair seem to just emerge out of nowhere? These singular hairs aren’t growing at a faster speed than the others, it just wasn’t noticeable because it was ingrown or tangled up in other hairs. This only appears to be instant because the singular hair has finally broken free.

Next time you see a hair that seems to be beanstalk-ing out of your body out of nowhere, know that this is completely benign and nothing to worry about. Now you can disillusion your friends who think they have super hair growth powers.