Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) sufferers no longer have to depend on toxic drugs for treatment

Less than 1% of people with RA ever experience an impulsive remission. Further research also shows us that 50-70% of sufferers become disabled within the first five years after they were diagnosed with the condition. RA is a destructive autoimmune disease where the body cripples itself and in some cases, it can be terminal. People have even committed suicide due to how bad the pain is.

Using toxic drugs such as prednisone and methotrexate, which are anti-cancer drugs, tend to treat the symptoms but they also come with a heavy dose of side effects.

Sarah Allen, a former RA patient, put herself into remission using natural methods

It took Sarah three years (and many trips to different doctors) to be diagnosed with RA. She was told to stop running and given methotrexate which her doctor told her would cut her life short by 15-20 years. Sarah was shocked and scared and she was determined to find an alternative remedy. So she started reading books on different treatments and came across Dr. Mercola, who had been finding success in his drug-free approach to treating RA.

Sarah expelled wheat and gluten from her diet as well as processed foods and sugar. She carried out extensive questionnaires to discover more about her energy levels and blood type. Sarah was then put on a strict diet which involved juicing a lot of fruit and eating organic, grass-fed meat. Her diet pretty much transformed to become as clean and organic as possible and rather than weakening her immune system with drugs, Sarah boosted her vitamin D intake and strengthened her immunity.

Other changes to her lifestyle involved taking note of her stress levels. Sarah realized she was working way too hard, training for a triathlon, and dealing with emotional issues all at the same time.

Dr. Mercola told Sarah that stress and emotions heavily affect the immune system

After carrying out some of her own research, she discovered that stress and negative emotions are one of the leading causes of disease. Once she started seeing Dr. Mercola, she reduced her working hours and focused on relaxing and enjoying some free time.

Incredible changes took place within her body after just three months

She stuck to a strict diet for 90 days and visited Dr. Mercola where she underwent tests and was blown away by how much her condition had changed. A live cell test revealed that her, previously weaker blood cells, were now stronger and healthier!

Sarah was able to get back to her passion, which was running, and after a full year of following the same diet plan, she was able to race in a triathlon and she came in first place. A year before, she thought that she would never be able to run again, let alone be winning a triathlon.

The diet was responsible for Sarah’s RA remission, but her doctors still want her to take drugs instead

Dr. Mercola wants to keep spreading the word about just how effective your food intake can be in treating rheumatoid arthritis. There’s no need to suffer with the nasty side effects that come with the drugs and RA patients no longer have to suffer in crippling pain for the rest of their lives.

Sarah Allen is living proof that anyone can go into RA remission. She was given the worst possible scenario and she wonders where she would be now if she listened to the advice of Western doctors. It takes a lot of fortitude to do what Sarah has done because her doctors still recommend that she use drugs as a treatment, but she remains 100% symptom free as a result of making changes to her diet.