Science tells us that growing brand new neurons is a possibility

Sandrine Thuret, a neuroscientist, reveals that you can improve the way your brain performs neurogenesis. Studies show that this can lead to better memory and mood as well as decrease the signs of aging within the brain.

This breakthrough in neuroscience came in 2005

Back in 2005, researchers found that the brain of adults can use stem-like cells to create new neurons.

Prior to this research, experts believed the human brain could not regenerate cells. If brain cells were gone, they could no longer be revitalized – the science shows that this is far from the truth.

There are two main areas of the brain where neurogenesis takes place

There are numerous areas of the brain that are responsible for different tasks, however, neurogenesis (otherwise known as the development of new brain cells) happens more prevalently in two parts of the brain. These areas are the hippocampus and the subventricular zone.

Everyone can grow new brain cells without surgical procedures

Experiencing the effects of neurogenesis yourself is possible. In fact, it doesn’t require any money or surgical procedures! It’s something that can be done to boost your cognitive performance to the max.

Research shows that walking is directly linked with neurogenesis

A study that followed participants who walked for 45 minutes each day were found to develop tissue growth in their hippocampus. Alone, this simple act can cause tremendous growth to your brain.

Your diet also has a big impact on your ability to generate new brain cells

Curcumin has been associated heavily with neurogenesis. Research shows that it helps people who are have brain derived neurotrophic factor expressions. This part of the brain is crucial for performing a variety of neurological functions. Restricting calories was found to help brain cells survive. Therefore it’s recommended to stay in a caloric deficit while also incorporating curcumin into your diet for the best results.

Blueberries have also been directly linked to neurogenesis. The flavonoids contained boost the regeneration of brain cells and people were found to be in a better mood and experience enhanced cognitive abilities.

Neurogenesis,unfortunately, won’t instantly make you a genius

While the science proves that the results can be promising, you should know that any new brain cells that you create die after two weeks. The research is still developing on neurogenesis, but so far, there are signs pointing towards the fact that we have more control over our brain than we thought possible.

For the time being, the most recommended way to increase your brain cells is to eat healthily (making sure to include lots of blueberries) and to exercises daily.